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Performance Artist & Psychotherapist



Jinahie (“my wings” in Arabic) is an Egyptian-American performance artist and psychotherapist. She has shared the stage with multiple Grammy-award winnings artists, and has been a keynote speaker for over 300 universities, the United Nations, Fortune 500 companies, and Michelle Obama. Now in the 9th year of her national tour, Jinahie travels the country as a performer, public speaker, and workshop facilitator. With her unique background as both an artist and therapist, she has captivated countless audiences with a combination of masterful storytelling and therapeutic expertise. Prepare to laugh, be charmed, and likely shed a few tears—Jinahie is a storyteller for the soul.



Past Events
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Choose from a wide range of topics and presentation formats, tailored to your audience.  Please contact for full speaking menu and further details.

Popular Talk Descriptions


A Heart to Heart

This high-energy keynote is an invitation to come together, connect, and collaborate like never before. Join performance artist and psychotherapist, Jinahie, as she combines masterful storytelling and therapeutic insight to explore the space between self and other. With a mix of warmth, humor, and wisdom, this session is a journey into the connections that can be made when we let others in.

Conquering the Inner Critic

This interactive workshop explores the most important story of all: the story you tell yourself about yourself. Join psychotherapist and performance artist, Jinahie, as she unpacks the psychology of the inner critic, and offers transformational techniques on how to conquer that critical inner voice.

How to Fight Smarter

This session is a crash course on love, couples, and conflict. Join couples therapist and performance artist, Jinahie, as she offers a behind the scenes look into the couples therapy room, and shares a practical guide for how to fix the fights you’re sick of having.





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